Gulsehir Vocational School


The primary target of the programme is to raise competent stuff in the area. For this reason, the students graduated from this programme turn out to be preferred labor force fulfilling the need of qualified employee of “call center” which is now a very demanding employment sector.

In recent years, as a result of the improvement in client/citizen oriented service manner in our country, call centers which are of private/public sector stand out and their number and service quality are rising day by day. According to the results of Turkey Call Center survey; the growth of call centers whose economic magnitude has reached 1,1 billion dollars and which provides employment over 50,000 would gain acceleration with public sectors giving weight to the investments on call centers. According to the results of the survey which put forth the importance and gravity of these investments on employment; it is predicted that with the help of rising public investments, call centers would provide employment for 100 thousand people as civil servants in 2018. Our students who will be the first graduate students of Call Center Services in 2014 would benefit from this opportunity before everybody else does. 

“Call centers” which are especially heavily used by technology and finance corporations have become significant for some other sectors together with GSM and airway firms starting with the lead of the banks. “Call centers”, which draw attention with their improvement and supply for employment in spite of the crisis, have been ranked as one of the least affected sectors from the crisis. In parallel to fact, the investments of banking and telephoning firms on “call centers” are rising day by day. “Call centers”, which come up as an advantageous solution for firms to reach larger masses and to gain new customers in a short time, have kept gaining importance in spite of their high cost, and small, medium or large scaled call centers have been founded in hospitals which offer medical service.

The primary rule of call center sector, which would create such extensive employment area, in leading its institutional members to success should be to provide customer satisfaction, and it is known that this satisfaction can only be provided with educated, equipped, dynamic stuff. While on the one hand, the sector need for qualified labor force is rising day by day; on the other hand, it occurs that there are not enough call center services programmes to bring in this qualified stuff to the sector in our country. We, as the first public university and vocational school in Turkey, take the first step and found the first formal education for Call Center Services programme to bring in qualified labor force and by this means to fill an important gap in the call center sector which serves for both private and public and whose number is already rising. In this case, our Vocational School provides a big advantage for all our future students in raising their opportunities to be employed in large proportion.

The Departments Grad Students Can Work In

  • Call Center Members of Profession who graduate from the programme;
  • Can work in call center departments of all firms in private sector.
  • Can work in public sector call center departments which are like police station, health, tax. 
  • Can work in call center departments of banks which are of private or public sector.
  • There are some other employment opportunities in some posts and positions which are carried out with public relations and communication officials and which require face to face or via telephoning relationship with customers.

Concurrently, if the students would want to, they will be able to attend to a higher programme which provides training on their own field according to the “Regulations on graduate students of vocational schools and open education associate degree programmes attending to undergraduate education degree”